Andy Mee


BSc Sports Science
Personal Trainer
UKBFF Physique Competitor

“Leonard prepped me for my first men’s physique show in November 2013. I had around 8 weeks of hard prep after a holiday until the show so we set about where we were going to start and adjusted things when needed. For me there was no other option but to seek advice from Leonard. He has been there, done it and has the winners medals and success to show for it. His scientific approaches brought out the best in me and I have gained so much knowledge and experience from him. His knowledge is endless and really puts in the time and effort to you individually, I could not have been happier with his availability and interaction with me 24/7.

Leonard is a scientist and a coach; I cannot recommend him with higher praise. Throughout my prep I felt healthy and safe in his hands. There are no drastic BS unhealthy protocols, just basic principles that yield results and keep you feeling your best right up to show day. He changed things up when they needed changing and this gave me constant progress.

I have learnt so much from him and principles to nutrition and training, which I will implement on myself (and personal training clients) in the future”