In the past, a contest preparation has been thought of as an 8-12 week crash diet low in calories & carbohydrates, which leaves people exhausted and dreading another prep.

Don’t get me wrong, getting ready for a physique contest is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. I take a slightly longer approach that ensures my clients are ready on time, without depleting them of all their energy. This, combined with a less restrictive approach, leaves my clients with a more pleasant experience and a greater end physique.

We will start off with an initial application to supply me with the necessary information to get you started on your journey. I will provide you with an adaptive nutrition plan, which will be based on your metabolism and other variables such as macronutrients, meal timing and supplementation, to help support your health and assist in fat loss. You will also receive a customized cardiovascular program to help supplement your own weight training, to get you the best possible results. I will be available through email up until the end (and beyond) of your contest, to ensure you’re staying on track and to answer any questions.

Finally, you’ll receive a customized peak week, tailored to your own body. There will be no guess-work during this week – consistency and hard work will shine through. I will be available via text (and person) on show day, for any last minute tweaks, when looking your best is of the upmost importance.

With the contest prep package, I will guide you on your way to becoming your best. From nutrition to supplementation, from training to cardio, we will work together to give you that edge at your competition. If you decide to choose me to get you to your best stage ready physique, I will require dedication and consistency from your part, but I promise to make it your best contest prep experience!

-Leo King


Everyone is unique and has different nutrition and calorie goals, your program will be based around your body type and current goals. Specific calorie levels will be prescribed along with macronutrient levels that will are customized for you!

Flexible Dieting

Eat the foods you love and get shredded at the same time!

Flexible dieting is a practical way of dieting no matter how busy your life is, I’ll give you the knowledge and tools to be successful, while still eating the foods you enjoy. Don’t eat out of Tupperware, miss social occasions, yet still achieve your best condition to date!


Success is much greater when you have someone following your progress and is able to keep you on track. You will be guided on how to track and record information, that allows your coach to make changes to the program based on how your progress is going.

What’s included:

  • Consultation via skype, phone call or in person
  • Calorie and macro goals
  • Weight training program
  • Cardio prescription
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Peak week plan
  • Weekly communication via emails
  • Results without the guesswork

When to begin?

Please contact us at least 6 months before your competition date so we can assess your current level of fitness.

There are so many people I can work with at once, so you can get the attention you need to get the best experience and results. So that is why I have teamed up with a fellow coach and friend, Chad Brandt from Sculpted by Brandt, who has the same philosophies & approach as myself, so that I can ensure the best results from his coaching skills.

Please check out his profile below and be open to either myself of Chad coaching you to the stage!

Some of the results you should expect!