Parm Chicken

A fan favourite made healthy! Print Recipe Parm Chicken Nutrition (1/2 recipe): 265 calories | 43g protein | 6g carbs (1g fibre) | 6g fat Course Main Dish Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Servings people Ingredients 2 chicken breasts butterfly (slice open) ~6oz each1/4 cup pasta sauce50 grams cheese low fat Optional […]Read More

Healthy Pizza

Pizza doesn’t have to be unhealthy, with some very simple changes it’s amazing just how delicious a healthy pizza can be made! Print Recipe Healthy Pizza Nutrition (1 serving – basic): 290 calories | 22g protein | 44g carbs (4g fibre) | 4g fat Course Main Dish Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 10 minutes […]Read More

Volume Salads

When dieting we need to naturally decrease our food intake, one great tip is to eat more volume (less caloric) foods that fill you up by the sheer amount you consume. This is where salads, which are loaded with fiber and micro nutrients, come in handy – add in protein and you have yourself a […]Read More

Leftovers Rice Bowl

For those of you who have lots of leftovers, this is a great clean meal that takes 5 mins from fridge to plate! Print Recipe Leftovers Rice Bowl Nutrition (1/2 recipe): 445 calories | 40g protein | 60g carbs (4g fibre) | 5g fat Course Main Dish Prep Time 1 minute Cook Time 3-5 minutes […]Read More

Quick & Easy Chicken Casserole

This is one of those meals that has barely any prep time and one that you don’t need to spend time doing the actual cooking. How easy is it to put a few ingredients into a pan and let cook for an hour while you focus on other tasks 🙂 Print Recipe Quick & Easy […]Read More