Deb Stratton

ABBA Grandmasters Figure

50 years old

“10 months before my 50th birthday I decided that I wanted to set a substantial goal of starting to weight train and step on stage as a natural competitor.  My goal was to be in the best shape of my life at 50 and I did it!

For years I was very committed to cardio training but just not getting the results I was looking for.  I heard so much about the difference between a cardio body and a weight training body so I decided maybe this is what I needed to reach my goals.

Leo’s flexible dieting approach was so easy for me to follow.  It allowed me to eat any foods I wanted as long as it was a healthy choice and I accounted for it when tracking my food.  He monitored my macros and weight weekly and made any adjustments according to how my body was responding.  As I was new to weight training and I didn’t live near Leo, I initially hired a personal trainer to teach me how to properly do everything on my training program.

The only struggle I personally had was the slow progress of seeing results but I soon became to realize the importance of doing it that way so I maintained it in the long run.  In the end, I lost 25 pounds to step on stage.  Working with Leo post competition was just as important as pre-competition so that he was able to stabilize my body in order to maintain all the hard work I had put in.  We worked together via email and his response was always prompt to any questions I had.

I felt Leo went above and beyond to help me reach my goals.  I am super happy with my results and highly recommend him to anyone regardless of what your goals may be!”