Fiona Groves

WNBF & IFPA Pro Figure

ABBA Provincials 4th

CBBF Nationals Qualified

“After having known Leo for many years (we met at my very first show!) and having become friends, I had already developed a deep trust with him and we started working together in July 2014. I was excited to try Leo’s flexible approach to dieting as I believed that it would be perfectly suited to my lifestyle, and combined with his program design I knew that I was in for a fun and stress free contest prep!

As I predicted, Leo’s flexible dieting approach suited me perfectly and his information and constant support made the transition easy. Leo was always quick to respond every time I had a question or concern. Every week after I sent in my summary his response was always that day or early the next, making it easy for me to make changes quickly. My workouts from Leo were new, challenging and fun, and they complemented the diet to ensure that I went into my competitions in 2014 with the best conditioning that I had ever had. I felt amazing the entire time I was on contest prep…full of energy, happy, balanced and stress free.

Post show Leo reverse dieted me and it was the first time that I had done this and it made a huge difference for me both mentally and physically for the transition into off season. I’m now excited to take a year off and work with Leo during my off season to build muscle for the 2016 spring show season!”

– Fiona Groves, WNBF & IFPA Pro Figure, IFPA Fitness Pro and CBBF Nationals Competitor