Virtually No-Carb Waffles

This is a great snack to have when carbs are limited, a little fluffier than the regular waffles but who knows when you add in a little sugar free syrup 😉 Print Recipe Virtually No-Carb Waffles Nutrition (1 serving): 170 calories | 31g protein | 2g carbs (1g fibre) | 6g fat Course Breakfast Prep […]Read More

Slow Cooked Protein-Oats (Proatz)

This is the best breakfast or post workout meal that you can make in advance! What is a better way to prepare a meal than to cook everything together and leave it (plus it makes your house smell amazing)! Print Recipe Slow Cooked Protein-Oats (Proatz) Nutrition (1 serving): 270 calories | 31g protein | 32g […]Read More