Jimmy Lefebvre

NPAA Canada Classic Novice Bodybuilding – 1st place

INBF Canada National Naturals Middleweight Bodybuilding – 3rd place

INBF Canada Western Naturals Middleweight Bodybuilding – 1st place

“In preparation for my first competition I had done some research and discovered Leo, right from our very first phone conversation I knew that he was going to be the key piece of the preparation for me to step on stage in 5 months. With a lot of work ahead of him Leo was there every step of the way, despite our distance of almost 6 hours apart. One of the things that was very important to me being a busy owner of 4 business’s and also having 4 young kids at home was keeping up my energy levels and not crashing like I had heard of so many other people doing on an up and down nutrition plan. Leo was spot on and the whole time working with Leo we adjusted when needed and learned how my body reacts to changes. Always adjusting and tweaking for maximum effectiveness. Leo always is quick to respond even to some of the silly questions that I had and was great at keeping me accountable. The nutrition plan was top notch and VERY well balanced with incredible results. Leo is not only a coach he is also a master sculptor and can take any body and sculpt it into a master piece. As long as you put in the work. Even with us being 6 hours apart his virtual approach was never an issue. I would HIGHLY recommend Leo if you are serious about your health and want to increase your energy levels, lose weight, or get ready for competition. There is only one trainer that I will trust my body to going forward and that’s ‘The King'” – Jimmy

– Jimmy and his wife Kristie Lefebvre, lost a combined 75lbs in 9 months spanning over 2 shows!