Ksenia Rubin

NPAA Figure & Fitness
Strength Coach

“I worked with Leo King for 5 months in preparation for my second bodybuilding competition. I was looking for a nutritional approach and conditioning routine that is more flexible within a busy lifestyle, and Leo delivered exactly what I needed. He provided me with a solid framework for monitoring myself via macro counting daily, accompanied by crucial information as to educate me on how each macronutrient should be selected, and how it is used by my body. We both learned week to week what works for my body, and adjusted accordingly. Leo was always prompt and consistent with communication, answering all my questions – nutritional, cardio and training related – with detail and competency. The results were apparent, and I can certainly say that this time around, with Leo’s help, I enjoyed contest prep and felt more in control than ever before.

It was a pleasure working with Leo and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve his/her physique safely and effectively, learn about nutrition and conditioning for his/her own body, as well as prepare to go on stage in competitive bodybuilding.”