Kings Fitness has just moved into our NEW 7800sqft facility!!!

Showers * 1000 sqft studio space * Powerlifting area * Bigger rig * More squat racks * More machines * Cardio area * 70' Turf Strip and much more.

Address: 4109 - 11st SE Calgary

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Why Kings Fitness?

Kings Fitness is the first of its kind; it brings all athletes and everyday gym users together under the same roof, all striving for one thing: self-improvement.

We were born out of the desire to provide a place for people to train who are tired of having to train in a poor atmosphere of typical commercial gyms; and those who don’t like the rigid formats of CrossFit. Our mission is to provide a positive and supportive friendly atmosphere for you to call home.

Kings Fitness offers a premium atmosphere and equipment for any physique athlete, powerlifter, recreational weightlifter, CrossFit advocate, or general fitness enthusiast. We provide an environment where everyone comes together as a family, who all share the same passion, and each other to achieve personal goals.

We would love to meet you – you are welcome to workout with us anytime!

Gym Features:

24/7 Access
– 24′ Rig w/ 12 pull up stations

– 6 Squat/Bench stations 
– 3 Deadlift platforms
– 2 Squat racks
– Elite FTS Competition Combo Rack
– Bull Combo Rack (IPF Approved)
– ER Rack (IPF Approved)
– 800kg+ Calibrated plates (IPF Approved)
– Competition Bench Press
– 2 Deadlift bar jacks

– 5-100lb dumbbells
– 4-32kg kettlebells
– Olympic Bumper Plates
– Bumper plates & specialty bars
– 70′ conditioning turf strip with sleds & Toys
– Strongman log

– Farmers walk handles
– 200-600lb Tires
– Boxing bag

– Chains, bands, ropes and all kinds of old and new school training equipment 
– Chalk encouraged!

Specialty Bars

– Rogue Powerbars
– Rogue Deadlift Bar
– 20kg Olympic Bar
– 15kg Women’s Bars
– Trap Bars
– Buffalo Bar
– Swiss/Football Bar
– Safety Squat Bars
– EZ Curl Bar
– Hammer Curl Bar
– Axle Bars


 Cable crossover
– Life Fitness 4 Stack
– Prone Row Bench
– Leg press
– Belt Squat Machine
– Cybex Squat Press
– Hack Squat
– Leg Extension/Curl
– Lever Squat
– Incline Bench Press
– Plate Loaded Machines
– Chest Supported Row
– Pec Fly/Rear Delt Machine
– Lat Pulldown
– Calf Raise
– Glute-ham developer
– Reverse Hyper
– 45 Back Extension

– 2 x Hip Thrusters
– Dip Station
– Rowing Machine


– 2 Treadmills
– 2 Upright Bikes
– Recumbent bike
– Elliptical
– 2 Rowers
– 2 Airdynes
– Self Propelled Treadmill
– Heavy & Speed Bags

Coming Soon:

What people are saying?

It’s a combination of all my favourite things, from the best gyms I’ve been to packed under one roof.
Jason Loosemore, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder

“Perfect gym for first timers and professional body builders. Great mix of trainers to help with individual needs and expectations. All the equipment you need to have the results you desire.”
Blair Spooner

“This is an excellent gym! I love that they have awesome equipment, and take good care of it. Everyone is so nice, members and trainers alike. Kilo, the owners dog, is a sweetheart and I really enjoy that it is dog friendly. The prices are extremely reasonable and the atmosphere is awesome. Overall, I will never look back at my decision to switch!”
Alexia Mereau

“Great gym, great people, hidden gem”
Conrad Behrman

“By far the best gym in Calgary. The owner Leo is always there with a smile on his face. He’s always bringing in new equipment trying to make the gym better. As well the atmosphere he has created is one of a kind you can’t help but feel welcome when you walk in the doors. And who could forget kilo the gym dog in between sets you get to hang out with her.”
Nick Fortune

“Best gym in Calgary. Open to everyone but specializes in personal training, which there are a lot of great trainers at this gym. Well stocked gym with good quality equipment. I would say this gym specializes in body building and powerlifting. Hours are obviously great being 24 hrs and they have a gym dog, kilo, which automatically gives the gym an extra star. Owner is a knowledgeable and competing athlete, in body building and powerlifting, and he’s created a great gym atmosphere.”
Savannah Holcroft

Kings Fitness is a gym dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals for whatever level of fitness you are. I’m always impressed with the vastness of equipment they offer in the space they have. The trainers are current with their training knowledge and are always pushing their clients to achieve their best results.
Karen McKormic