Why Kings Fitness?

Kings Fitness is the first of its kind; it brings all athletes and everyday gym users together under the same roof, all striving for one thing: self-improvement.

We were born out of the desire to provide a place for people to train who are tired of having to train in a poor atmosphere of typical commercial gyms. Our mission is to provide a positive and supportive friendly atmosphere for you to call home; as well as a community of like-minded individuals who support your goals.

Kings Fitness offers a premium atmosphere and equipment for any physique athlete, powerlifter, recreational weightlifter, CrossFit advocate, or general fitness enthusiast. We provide an environment where everyone comes together as a family, who all share the same passion, and each other to achieve personal goals.

We would love to meet you – you are welcome to workout with us anytime!

Our Equipment

Gym Features:

– 24/7 Access
– 24′ Rig w/ 12 pull up stations
– 2.5 – 120lb dumbbells
– 4 – 32kg kettlebells
– Olympic Bumper & Powerlifting Plates
– Specialty bars
– 72′ conditioning turf strip with sleds & Toys
– Strongman Equipment
– Tires, Chains, bands, ropes and all kinds of old and new school training equipment 
– Chalk encouraged!

– Eleiko Combo Rack (NEW EDITION)
– 2 Eleiko Combo Rack (IPF Approved)
– Elite FTS Competition Combo Rack
– Bull Combo Rack (IPF Approved)
– ER Rack (IPF Approved)
– 1300kg+ Calibrated plates (IPF Approved)
– 6 additional Squat/Bench stations 
– 4 Deadlift/Olympic platforms
– Squat racks
– 3 Deadlift bar jacks

– Platforms
– Competition Bumper Plates
– 20kg Olympic Bars
– 15kg Women’s Bars
– Mobility Equipment

– Tires
– Yoke
– Sleds
– Log
– Farmers Handles
– Axles
– Heavy Sandbags
– Natural Stones

Specialty Bars:

– Rogue Power Bars
– Eleiko Power Bar
– Rogue Deadlift Bar
– Trap Bars
– Buffalo Bar
– Swiss/Football Bars
– Safety Squat Bars
– EZ Curl Bars
– Hammer Curl Bar
– Axle Bars
– Row Bar


– Cable Crossover w/ Lat Pulldown & Seated Row
– Life Fitness 4 Stack w/ Lat Pulldown & Seated Row
– Life Fitness Smith Machine

– Hammer Strength Chest Press
– Hammer Strength Chest Supported Row
– Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown/Incline Chest Press
– Hammer Strength Tricep Dip Machine
– Hammer Strength Preacher Curl
– Bicep Curl (Selecterize)
– Prone Row Bench
– Incline Bench Press
– Pec Fly/Rear Delt Machine
– Dip Stations
– Roman Chair
– Fortis Fitness Push Up Handles & Harness

– Arsenal Strength Leg Press
– Belt Squat Machine
– Cybex Squat Press
– V (Super) Squat Machine
– Cybex Hack Squat
– Leg Extension (Selecterize)
– Leg Curl (Selecterize)
– Standing Leg Curl
– Calf Raise
– Seated Calf Raise
– Glute-ham Developer
– Rogue Reverse Hyper
– 45 Back Extension
– Hip Thruster Benches
– Adjustable Glute Bench
– Single Leg Squat Stand
– Sissy Squat


– 2 Treadmills
– Upright Bike
– Recumbent bike
– Elliptical
– 2 Assault Rowers
– 2 Airdynes
– Self Propelled Treadmill
– Heavy & Speed Bags

Coming Soon:
Rogue Westside Bench
Hip Thruster Machine
Rogue Belt Squat