Recently I just started working with a coach for my 2017 pro bodybuilding season, this is someone who has been a close friend of mine and also someone I have looked up to for advice for several years. I do want to start off by saying that I don’t always have a coach for training and nutrition but I do have several mentors, which I look to for guidance.

Anyways, this got me thinking about the what values a coach can offer, so I wanted to share with you my reasoning’s for having a coach and also what are the benefits for potentially seeking out a coach. For the purpose of this article I am going to use mentor and coach as one, as I feel they are inter-changeable.

A mentor is defined as “an experienced and trusted adviser” and a coach is “a person who teaches students individually”. They offer value based on a shared relationship of trust, knowing that they are helping you work towards specific goals. There are several benefits and they aren’t just related to fitness either, whether in business, life or (insert here), people can gain a lot value by having a mentor.


Having a coach who has both knowledge and practical experience is vital; someone who you can trust and can guide you. Being able create programs that are individual to you and will allow for greater success is a must.

I am a big believer in continued education, having someone who has different set of experiences allows for me to learn faster.


Having someone there who you can check in with to guide you, allows you to focus on working towards those goals. Checking in on set occasions (usually weekly) allows you to stay accountable and moving forward. If you go on your journey alone, not having that extra set of eyes usually allows for more slip ups and allows for more distractions.

We are all biased as well, and when it comes to fat loss we are our own worst enemies, having that coach there who is honest, will push you when needed but also hold you back to.

Takes off the pressure

Pressure can be a good thing, but when you are trying to optimize your physique or performance, pressure can also mean stress. Having someone there who you can trust, will take the pressure off you and allows you to focus on enjoying the journey.

I have a busy schedule and coach a lot of athletes and clients, working towards their individual goals, having someone create a plan for me allows me not to worry about myself and to focus more on the results of my clients.

Personal development

Take advantage of having a mentor, someone you can learn off. You can gain knowledge from many sources, reading, listening etc, but the fastest way is to learn off others who have done it. I am a big believer in learning through others as well as yourself.

I encourage my clients to ask questions, so they can learn why they are doing things, in my opinion this also generates better success.

What to look for?

A coach or mentor should have a great work-ethic and are trustworthy, someone who will be there for the duration of your time together. I would also look for someone who is honest and dependable, someone you can be open with and ultimately guide you to the success you need.