Our mission at Kings Fitness is to provide you with a unique environment in which anyone can be comfortable. We are a diverse facility where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built in order to help you reach your goals. We seek to offer a safe, healthy environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected.

We have a diverse range of equipment, classes and functional training meaning that there is definitely something here for you. All our classes – group fitness, small group training and personal training can be modified to suit your needs.

Our goal is to provide an environment that brings all people from different backgrounds together to train and reach their own individual goals, and to educate and coach individuals into living a healthy and active lifestyle to achieve permanent sustainable results.


At Kings Fitness, we have certain beliefs as to what makes each person successful. We will give you the tools to reach your health & fitness goals, but each person has to dedicate themselves to their individual goals in order to achieve the success they desire. Here are our 5 steps to success!

Step 1: Mindset:

As coaches, our goal is to create the proper mindset that allows each client to reach their goals. The motivation needs to come from inside, they need to want to achieve the results for themselves, they have to be excited and learn to enjoy the process. For all this to be achievable, one needs to make themselves accountable, having a guiding eye watching over you, is shown to create greater results in shorter time.

Step 2: Nutrition:

Nutrition is everything, sticking to a diet you can be consistent with, will get greater results over a lifetime. We need to fuel ourselves with good quality food to function and perform optimally, not focusing on good or bad foods, but rather the whole picture will put you down the right path.

Step 3: Strength Training:

We need to stress our bodies in order to create change. Weight training builds a strong foundation that allows us to increase muscle, become stronger and more functional, which allows us to achieve any goal.

Step 4: Preparation & planning

Having a plan in place will allow you to focus on short and long term goals. Make small steps in your journey, work on creating good habits and eliminating the bad ones. We find that having a set routine allows for consistency and much better results.

“Not planning, is planning to fail”

Step 5: Fall in love with the process!

Building this into a lifestyle, is going to separate the successful ones from those who fail, finding balance in your life will allow you to enjoy your journey, that will get you even better results. Look for others around you that support your goals and even share your journey.

“It’s not about the trophy, but about the journey”


We hope you will let us join you on your journey!