Project Description

Blake Savoie

Liberation Training With Blake Savoie

Hi, My name is Blake!

I’ll be honest.. Before getting to where I am now I struggled, for a long time, with consistently taking the actions necessary to get me to my desired goal. I would get off to a good start, workout for a couple months and fall off. This cycle happened more than a few times before I realized that my mind was littered with thought patterns that were HOLDING ME BACK. Once I became aware of the stories that were controlling my actions (I didn’t know enough, I can’t go by myself, people are judging me, etc) I was able to catch myself in the moment and consciously choose a NEW LIFE. This is a very profound concept that I cannot wait to teach you along your own journey to the fittest you’ve ever been, physically and mentally. With liberation training, my mission is to make the unconscious aspects of yourself so clear, that you can begin to leave the old version of you behind and sculpt a mindset rooted in endless possibilities. There’s a better you out there, let me guide you to the door and show you how to open it.