Project Description

Curtis Gillespie-Sayers

Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Health Coach

Working with the right coach will set you on the path to success. Working with the the knowledge and expertise of a professional provides the indispensable tools needed to achieve your fullest potential. Things such as:

▪️One-on-one personalized training designed for you and your needs

▪️Greatly reduce the risk of injury by ensuring correct and effective execution

▪️Learning the most beneficial exercise techniques for your body and the way it functions

▪️Individualized nutritional coaching compliment your lifestyle, training and goals

▪️Analytical supplementation guidance to ensure you’re body’s health is supported and functional on a cellular level

▪️Gaining the support and coaching you need to stay accountable to enhance the quality of your life through your health.I have been learning and working in the fitness industry for several years helping a multitude of clients reach and surpass goals in health and wellness. My background ranges from lifestyle clients to high performance athletes to individuals affected by disease. I am currently taking on new online client applications and will be training in person out of Kings Fitness, located in Calgary, Alberta. If you’re interested in learning more and potentially seeing how I can help you reach your own goals, do not hesitate to send me a personal message or visit and inquire on how to start taking control of your health today!