Project Description

Jordan Macdonald

Certified strength and conditioning coach

Holistic nutritionist

National competition coach

Life and wellness coach

CPA figure competitor

Hey there, my name is Jordan Macdonald, and I’m a personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and wellness coach. I became a coach after spending years trying to attain “the perfect look” desperately trying to loss weight, trying every diet under the sun, starving myself and having zero success until I myself got a coach and educated myself.

Now on the other side I want to use my skills to help other achieve there health and fitness goals. From athletes stepping on stage to CEO’s and everything in between. I have helped people feel great, lose weight, build muscle and get into the best shape of there lives.

I care about my clients and there’s nothing more important to me than their success. To have the ability to guide and mentor people through their journey to be coming happier, more confident and stronger than ever before.

With my well rounded approach not leaving anything out of the equation. holistic nutrition paired with online and personal training your success is inevitable. I have been in your shoes now let me help you get a jump start on this journey with me.