Project Description

Nadine Moxon

Certified Personal Trainer

Bio Scan Canada Mobile Body Comp Specialist

Nadine is all about the client. Internationally renowned in the health and fitness industry for two decades, Nadine’s ‘you can do it, and I will help you’ approach has earned her a solid reputation as a fitness leader. While anchored as a manager in finance, in her native Australia, Nadine pursued body-building to the level of obtaining a corporate sponsor. She brings empathy to the table—she’s a mom—she’s realistic, and holds an ‘I’ve been there’ attitude.

Nadine has been fully trained in BIA technology in Australia and has years of experience with the interpretation and delivery of reporting. Nadine’s passion and interest in assisting people to improve their health and fitness is paramount to the vision of Bio Scan Canada’s ethos to educate and improve health and self-awareness.