Project Description

Nathan Lewry | NJL Training

Myofascial Exercise & Decompression

Movement Therapist (Anatomy Trains)

Decompression Cupping Therapist (ICTA)

Author (Health and Mobility)

Trainer (Myofascial Exercise)

Even though I have been working out since I was 15 years old, I didn’t start my fitness journey until my Military career ended due to a serious leg injury in 2001. After months of failed rehab I took it upon myself to figure out why i still needed a cain to walk. This ignited my passion for human mechanics and took me through many stages; from personal trainer, conditioning coach, head strength coach for Wilding Golf academy in Thailand and finally leading me to studying Fascia. Learning how vital fascia is to our overall movement and health I embarked on 5 years of courses including decompression cupping and Anatomy Trains movement therapist certification.

I now love teaching people about how myofascia can change how they feel and move.