Project Description

Nick Gies

Rugby and Track sporting background

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (U of A)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Undertaking Professional Doctorate of Elite Performance (Research Interests: Core Strength & Transference of Strength Training to Athletic Performance)

8+ years training elite athletes, teams, and personal training clients

Co-owns a youth athletic development company (Chestermere Speed School)

Often people think that if someone likes weight training, played sport at a decent level, took a sports science degree, or has a weekend course, then they MUST know how to train people.



Yes education is important (especially specialized degrees), yes playing a high level sport helps, and of course practical experience with many types of individuals is critical. But to truly be in the upper ranks of people able to impact human performance, you need ALL of those things combined with a relentless pursuit of self reflection, refinement, and searching for the truth. That is what develops a world-class coach.

As an individual searching for a coach to work with, you need to assess all potential facets of your coach. Their education, their coaching and interpersonal skills, who they have worked with and helped, are they actively improving their craft and refining their training philosophy? Only then can you accurately decide if they are a coach worth the time, effort and money you will invest towards achieving your dreams.

Who has he worked with?

UFC Fighter – “Mean” Hakeem Dawodu

Pro Boxer – Steve “The Dragon” Claggett

2019 NHL Draft Pick – Peyton Krebs (#17 overall)

Pro Golf, CFL, WHL, and other high level Amateur and Varsity athletes

Youth athletes (as young as 6) from various sports

Extensive rehab experience (e.g., low back pain, knee pain, shoulder injury etc.)

Numerous sports teams and organizations

People from all walks of life, particularly those with chronic pain issue