Project Description

Noa Butterfield

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Hi, I’m Noa!

As a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutritionist I’m passionate about helping others.

I want each of my clients to achieve their most confident and heathy version of themselves. Where they understand that long term results doesn’t mean following a restrictive diet and extreme workout program.

I encourage my clients in achieving long term results that are sustainable. Through educating them on health and fitness I help my clients to feel empowered to implement these tools on their own.

Together we create longevity goals, while implementing movement and nutrition as the core to physical and mental health. Over our time together we will create a version of you that is confident, fearless and powerful.

My background in fitness began with playing competitive high level soccer. This led me to playing high level competitive soccer and learning the importance of strength training. I’ve experienced a wide variety of training styles from CrossFit, to becoming a power lifter and finally switched into competing in bodybuilding competitions in the bikini division.

A key component to my style of coaching is the integration of mental health with physical health. From my own personal life experience I know they go hand in hand in terms of overall long term health. This integration helps you see the desired results, and reveal the best version of yourself.

I look forward to connecting and working together. Let’s do this!