Project Description

Tia Tangen


Personal Training

cPFT – Nutrition Consultant

Small Group Strength Training

NPAA Fitness Elite Pro

WNBF Bikini Pro

About Tia

I enjoy seeing people succeed and when I get to help do that, even better!

I am an extremely charismatic nerd with a big heart and a bit of a goofy side however don’t let that fool you into thinking I don’t have a tough side ;)

I equate to the focus and dedication that I see a client is willing to bring. I believe in everyone I coach, but the question is do you believe in you?

I understand the human body and many of its complexities, however believe in respecting simplicity at the same time. Anything can be easy to overcomplicate, not everything is easy to simplify. This is how I help clients simplify the process, gain knowledge in how they see food, chose foods and as a result gain confidence in how they feel about themselves as they work towards a health or fitness endeavor.

Why I know I can help

I am a university Certified Personal Trainer of 10 years I have been working online and in person as a Nutrition Coach certified by the National Academy of Metabolic Sciences.

This past spring, I completed the second-Tier certification as a Sports & physique transformation Nutrition Coach

I am also proud to acknowledge I have been granted the opportunity to co-coach athletes to stage under the highly respectable Leo King of Kings Fitness located here in SE Calgary. No better way than to learn from one of the best coaches I know!

Aside from the professional aspect of training and nutrition focus, I enjoy competing in body building as a sport. I am a Pro level natural athlete which means I not only have the education I have the experience in long- and short-term weight loss for a specific event or competition or just general balance for a healthier lifestyle.

Although the majority of the individuals I work with seek weight loss and nutrition coaching, I have worked with a number of people from injuries, chronic pain and for anyone interested in the science behind building muscle naturally! Being a natural athlete means appreciating the process, developing intrinsic satisfaction of the journey itself which can be carried over in any fitness endeavour.​

If you have or have had a goal in mind, or are currently working towards a fitness endeavour reach out and set up a consultation because I would love to help.​

Consultations are the bread and butter to working with someone. It is the information I receive from a client that helps me understand who they are and how I can best find the simplest path that works for them and their current life style with respect to the goals or future healthy lifestyle they desire.

Contest History


WNBF Worlds – Bikini Tall

NPAA Canada Classic Elite Pro

WNBF Canada Edmonton Naturals – Bikini Tall 1st*

*WNBF Pro Status


INBF Canada Western Naturals – Bikini Tall 3rd

NPAA Canada Classic

– Novice Bikini 3rd

– Novice Fitness 1st/Open 3rd*

*NPAA Elite Pro Status