Project Description

Tobias Schuler

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Orthopedic Specialist Certification

WNBF Pro Men’s Physique

Hi my name is Tobi I like to pick things up and put them back down.

Along with my amazing sense of humour, I specialize in mobility and post-op/injury rehabilitation. Over the last 7 years as a trainer I have worked with young athletes the age of 14, to men and women 60-70 years young!

I have a passion for bodybuilding and competition prep, and I love getting into the finer details of controlling someone’s biology to achieve a certain body composition.

I’m a huge body nerd and love to research everything I do, whether it’s a type of training, or diet it I believe it all has its place. Different Exercises and Diets are just tools available to us to achieve a desired result.

Everyone is different, Let me guide you on what will work best for YOUR body.

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