I will share with you a little secret: low calorie-restrictive dieting and extreme amounts of cardio do not work for optimizing fat loss in the long run. It’s also a fact that over 90% of people who lose “weight” will regain it (plus extra) within 1 year and 99% in 3 years of finishing their “diet”.

I tend to find diets to be very restrictive, so I like to take an approach with my clients that allow them the flexibility to work towards their goals without having to make too much of a sacrifice in everyday life. Flexible dieting is a lifestyle that combines education with flexibility. I will teach you the application of proper nutrition, which needs to be built-in into your daily life for health, but still allowing you to work in your own personal food choices, setting yourself up for permanent weight loss and achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

Flexible dieting is a fantastic method for dietary adherence, it allows you to be flexible, balanced and eat a varied diet while progressing towards your body composition goals. This diet is based off working towards daily calories and macronutrient goals, everyone will have their own unique targets but how you reach them is up to you!

– Leo King


Everyone is unique and has different nutrition and calorie goals, your program will be based around your body type and current goals. Specific calorie levels will be prescribed along with macronutrient levels that are customized for you!

Flexible Dieting

99% of diets fail! Fact!

Flexible dieting has been shown not only to lose weight, but to keep it off long term. Get the knowledge and tools to be successful, while still eating the foods you love. I will educate you on how to weigh/measure your food and keep track of calories to see long lasting results.


Success is much greater when you have someone following your progress and is able to keep you on track. You will be guided on how to track and record information, that allows your coach to make changes to the program based on how your progress is going.

What’s included:

  • Consultation via skype, phone call or in person
  • Calorie and macro goals
  • Build a personalized starting meal plan
  • No off-limit foods
  • Weight training program
  • Cardio prescription
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Goal setting
  • Weekly communication via emails
  • Charlottes Recipe Book
  • Results without the guesswork

Where to begin?

Start with your Free Phone Consult!

We always offer a free initial phone consult with all our new clients, this is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and find out if Kings Fitness Nutrition Coaching is right for you.

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