Karen Broda


IDFA Bikini Pro

2016 IDFA Calgary Classic 1st*
3-time top 5 finisher with the INBF in Bikini

“I had met Leo at previous bodybuilding shows where we often talked back stage about training and nutrition. After multiple casual conversations, where his expertise and knowledge showed through I knew choosing Leo as my coach was the right decision.

We’ve worked together through offseason and competition prep which resulted in one of my best competitions seasons to date. I felt great through prep;it almost felt too easy. Extreme hunger or incredibly low energy was never an issue nor was endless amounts of cardio. Post-competition went smoothly with a reverse-diet that met both my goals and post-competition plan. He was also available for any questions and concerns regarding post-competition.

Leo stays atop the newest research studies which means nutrition and training plans that work! They’re also unique to you, your goals, and how your body responds. Another reason why I’ve chosen Leo as a coach, is that he doesn’t just tell you what to do but rather explains the “why” so you learn along with your training.

Leo has been a pleasure to work with and looking forward to future competitions together!”