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All CPU/IPF rules apply.

Meet Directors: Leo King (leo@kingsfitness.ca)

Sanctioned by: Alberta Powerlifting Union (APU)

Competition Venue: Kings Fitness

Date: Fall 2022

Equipment check: 8:00-8:30am
Weigh in: 8:00-10:00am
Lifting begins: 10:00am

2 Flights: 28 lifters total
Note: This meet will fill up FAST!

Registration Entry Fee: $120 – 3 Lift ONLY
Please e-transfer to leo@kingsfitness.ca

Age Categories & Weight Classes: Age and weight categories will be in accordance with CPU/IPF rules.

Age Categories: Sub-Junior (14-18), Junior (19-23), Open (any age), Master I (40-49), Master II (50-59), Master III (60-69), Master IV (70-79)
Female Weight Classes: 43kg, 47kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 72kg, 84kg, 84+kg
Male Weight Classes: 53kg, 59kg, 66kg, 74kg, 83kg, 93kg, 105kg, 120kg, 120+kg
(Note: women’s 43kg and men’s 53kg only apply to sub-junior and junior competitors)

Male and Female best powerlifter awards
Medals for Male and Female age/weight classes

Rules: All athletes are expected to read and understand the following article from the IPF website regarding the competition rules and procedures for the squat, bench and deadlift: https://www.powerlifting.sport/fileadmin/ipf/data/rules/technical-rules/english/IPF_Technical_Rules_Book_2019.pdf

IPF Approved Equipment List:

True Sport Clean E-learning Course: https://cces.ca/cpu-e-learning
Note: must be complete before meet day

Classic and Equipped Powerlifting: As defined by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), classic lifting is the use of wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and belt only. Athletes must also wear a non-supportive singlet, a form fitting t-shirt, and brief or thong-style undergarments (no boxers or compression shorts). If athletes are competing equipped, by using supportive equipment, all brands and material must be approved by the IPF. Each year the rules governing approved equipment can change according to IPF executive rulings. Therefore, it is the athlete’s responsibility to understand these changes. For more information on classic and equipped lifting and approved equipment, please visit: http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/Rules.17.0.html

Doping Control: The CPU follows the rules and regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). By competing in this competition, you accept the possibility of being selected for doping control. All competitors must have completed the CCES Doping Control online education module prior to competing in the meet. Further information can be found at www.powerlifting.ca.

Volunteers: Volunteers are required to help run the competitions. We will need spotters, loaders, score table associates, security personnel, and floaters. Please contact meet directors Leo King (leo@kingsfitness.ca) and Ryan Smith (ryan@thestrengthguys.com) for more information.

Entry Deadline: TBD
No refunds after entry deadline.

Note: CPU cards can be purchased from http://www.powerlifting.ca/membership.html, and must be purchased in advance of the meet.

Athlete Roster TBA

Thanks to all our sponsors!

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