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Kings Fitness is primarily a nutrition consulting service. We work with a variety of clients – from everyday Joes & Janes to competition athletes looking to step on stage. Our approach to nutrition is specifically tailored to each clients background, goals, skill set & health history. We construct a framework to help take your first steps into the world of healthier eating or building a “macro” based plan around your specific goals.

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Let us teach you how to achieve your dream body while enjoying the foods you love.

We’ll be here to teach and guide you each step of the way. Let us show you how to eat and how to exercise to get there.
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Do you know what it takes to get contest shredded? We do! We’ve done this before! What sets us apart? We know how to do it while eating foods we enjoy! Water cutting, asparagus and tilapia are a thing of the past.

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If having a lean, muscular physique or hitting the platform is your goal, we take the guesswork out of results! By using a strategic approach in the gym, you’ll progress without the painstaking process of wondering which exercises are most effective and without fear of injury.

Our knowledgeable strength training staff uses cutting edge research and experience to design a program that’s perfect for your goals and skill level.