I believe that no two programs should be identical. When you factor in all the individual differences and goals, why shouldn’t a personal program be designed just for you? My customized periodized program is tailored towards your goals, time frame and will focus on progression, making it a truly effective program. My training philosophy is to have enough volume and intensity to stay focused in the gym, whilst still getting the results you need for your chosen goals. I will use a periodized approach to keep you healthy and progressing, maintaining a high training performance throughout the year.

My programs are based on scientific backed research and are great for anyone looking to gain muscle and strength; this is primarily anyone looking for physique changes or even competing in powerlifting . my base programs are set up in a way using periodization that can be repeated for 3-6 months continually, with the primary goal of steady progression.

5 Tips to Success!

Progressive Overload

In order to keep getting bigger and stronger, you need to increase the training stimulus over time. This can be done by adding weight, sets, reps or days to your training. But how do you do this safely and effectively?


Spreading out training volume over the week has shown to produce greater results in muscle and strength gains. As we get more advanced we need to structure our training more appropriately.

Big picture thinking

Most people tend to focus on the small things, such as fine-tuning exercises, time under tension and short rest periods to boost growth producing hormones… I think this is short-sighted and this is where people fall short in their training.

I like to focus on the big picture stuff first as this is where the greater results are found!


Recording your workouts allows you to objectively better yourself each workout.


No matter how good your plan is, if you cannot stick to it, it isn’t effective. Strength training is a journey, without adherence and consistency, there will not be any results. Enjoying your plan will allow for greater long-term results.

What’s Included?

  • consultation via skype / phone call / in person
  • weight training personalized program
  • supplement recommendations
  • goal setting
  • results without guesswork


  • $250 for one off periodized plan